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sweet and sour chicken

So I made dinner tonight.
I make dinner most nights!

Tonight was a new recipe though. It came from...PINTEREST! So I don't just trawl there, I actually make things from there too.

The recipe, sweet and sour chicken, was very simple and easy to follow. Easy to execute too, albeit slightly fussy, a there are multiple steps in cooking the chicken. But really nothing difficult. The only adjustments I made were adding chopped red bell pepper and pineapple. Oh and I used some of the pineapple juice in the sauce too.

Here's my shitty Instagram pic:


I served it with brown rice and snap peas and broccoli. The broccoli and snap peas I blanched for two minutes (then shocked in ice water) and then sauteed with a little light olive oil and garlic.

The chicken was UNBELIEVABLY tender. The flavors were really good too. The pineapple and pepper added some really nice deliciousness. The only complaint Mike had was that he would like the sauce to be a little thicker and that there be more of it.

PS, how do you feel about the word "chunks". Not too good right?


more nails

After going "designless" for over a week, I decided to try out a simple new tutorial from one of my favorite youtubers, Cutepolish.

I changed it ever so slightly. Using different colors and not filling in the middle of the flower prior to dotting the center.

You can see the tute right here.

And here are my results:



I LOVE they way they turned out. Better than I had anticipated. I'm especially crazy about the color combo I picked out. I think it works way better than the medium green in the video.

I used:

base color: OPI's 'What's With the Cattitude'
flowers: China Glaze's 'Salsa'
centers: Orly's 'Wild Wisteria'
topcoat: Revlon's Extra Life

The poppies totally remind me of Marimekko. Fabric and goods that I've been lusting after for many MANY years.



nailure failures

Two nail failures.

I tried two new nail ideas over this past weekend. Both of them duds. So duddy that I didn't even bother to take pics.

First was this one.

It looks cool, right? I followed directions exactly and even used similar/same colors. No bueno.
It just looked like a big multi-color glob in the middle of each nail, instead of a cosmic beautiful nebula. Very disappointed. But technique was so simple, I might attempt it again and just go in with an EXTREMELY light hand on each color. Hopefully that will make a difference.
I really like the completed effect on the inspiration page, so I AM hopeful.
I'll let you know.

Second fail was this one.

I was quite sad about this failure as I LOVED the final look. How DID they do it? Because when I dabbed the sponge (containing the colors) onto my nail, NOTHING transferred. Except weird moisture from the sponge. I attempted it twice and both times, NOTHING good came of it. The stamps looked lovely on paper, but my nails are non-porous so the color didn't transfer at all. I made sure my sponges were 80% dry according to the directions but that didn't help.

Immediately after that second failure I tried something else to get some color on my nails. I adore the multi-tonal look, so I figured why not just free hand it and see what happens?
My initial intention was to blend the colors to get the gradient effect, but after I painted colors on each nail, I liked the freeform look so much, I kept it as is.



I think they look interesting and pretty!

And they TOTALLY remind me of these candies I used to eat as a child:




Nails nails nails

Since my new favorite obsession is nail polish and fun nail art, I thought I would make one big post in order to "keep track" of all of the colors/techniques/tutorials that I've experienced.

Might as well start off with the tutorial I tried last night. It's this one here.

And here are my results:


I do love the look of this SO MUCH. I loved it as soon as I came across the tutorial. And I think I did a pretty good job of it. But in all honestly, I almost gave up on this one halfway through my second (right) hand. It was just SO FUSSY. With the pinking shears and tape and layering the colors. I was fatigued and annoyed by the end of it. It doesn't help I suppose that I was doing this at 11pm last night. I usually only do my nails once the boys go to bed, last night was no exception. Plus I needed to wait until the first coat was COMPLETELY dry. Which can take a while.

I woke up this morning and my nails were pretty messy. I figured, maybe a good topcoat will help. And it did. I just love the shine of good quality clear topcoat. I've been using Revlon's Extra Life for many MANY years now. It always performs well.

I might give this tutorial one more try before I write it off completely. I do love the black/white and red she tried and I can see myself trying that with a dark navy too. We'll see!

Lots of nail pics back hereCollapse )


Mike made these yesterday. And let me tell you, they absolutely rival Cinnabon. Look how beautiful!


Recipe behind cut!Collapse )

inspiration for my new year

Oh my 2010:

BE better.
In health, in life, in body and soul.

Read more. LIVE more. Sit less. Move more. BE positive.
It's all attainable, no matter what it is.

Dream your dreams and make them real.
Experience the joy of my husband and my children every single day.

Let the burden of baggage GO.
Breathe easier.

My soul does not belong to this earth. It belongs to God.
I know this now more than ever.

I'm temporarily here. I won't live for this earth, but I will make it happy and fulfilling while I'm here waiting for eternity.

I just keep reminding myself that light will always beat the fear of the dark and soul-less places.
My heart will be light.

I will not:

hurt myself
feel inadequate
give up

I am here.


The internet can be full of wonderful things. Like you my friends. And inspiring messages. I don"t care if these are corny! I AM corny!Collapse )